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Henryk Wieniawskit

Henryk Wieniawski (1835-1880) -- Virtuoso violinist to the Russian Tsar and spectacular composer.

Stravinsky -- Chanson Russe

The sublime violin. Both carefree and serious, this melodic whimsical trance transports you to the Russian countryside where a maiden laments for her lost love.

Wieniawski -- Scherzo-Tarantelle

Violin virtuosity. The great violinist and composer explores the limits of the soloist in this dazzling showpiece Scherzo-Tarantelle, or spider dance. As effortlessly as a spider traverses a web, the violin bow must be quick and balanced to even dream of keeping the pace. Enjoy.

Edward Elgar -- Enigma Variations No. 1

First movement in a masterpiece work, Elgar wrote his Enigma Variations with a veritable secret attached indefinitely to the score. Each of the movements are labeled only with initials or an alias representing a significant figure in Elgar's life. To his grave he took this cipher of identities which today still remains somewhat of a controversy. Variation No. 1 is titled simply C.A.E. (Most likely his wife, Alice.)


Feature :  Romanian Composer/Violinist Georges Enescu

Georges Enescu -- Sonata No. 3 in A minor Op. 25 (1926)

Georges Enescu (1881-1955) born in Liveni-Virnav, Romania rose to fame as one of the legendary virtuosos of his age. In addition, he was an accomplished composer who does not get as much mainstream recognition as his repertoire demands. This piece is performed by the infamous Yehudi Menuhin whose style perfectly compliments the work. As during Enescu's time, I believe Bucharest will be the Paris of not only Eastern Europe, but all of Europe someday soon. I so look forward to visiting during its transformation as soon as I can... viszontlátásra!


Feature :  Hungarian Composers

Zoltán Kodály -- Cello Sonata No. 3

Certainly my favorite of Hungarian composers who sports probably the coolest name of musicology. This is an excellent performance by the unforgettable Yo-Yo Ma. I have been searching for Zoltán's trio with two violins and viola... let me know if you happen to have a good recording of this. Incidentally, Kodály is buried among Bela Bartok and Sir George Solti at the Farkasreti Cemetery in Budapest.

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